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特邀学术报告 - Action mechanism of antimicrobial and the bacterial resistance





时间:2019911 上午1000

地点:资环楼105 室(芭田报告厅)

报告人:高永贵 教授

报告题目:Action mechanism of antimicrobial and

 the bacterial resistance

主持人:张炼辉 教授




高永贵博士,新加坡国立研究基金获得者,现为南洋理工澳门金沙网投网站生物科学学院Tenured副教授和新加坡科技研究局细胞分子研究所资深研究员, 专长为结构生物学和蛋白质化学。研究领域为核糖体的结构、功能,以核糖体为靶位的抗生素的作用机理及新型药物设计;以及RNA修饰所引发的基因调控和其关联的疾病(如肥胖基因FTO)的机理和拮抗剂的研制、细胞分泌多糖的生物学合成和利用开发等。已在Science, Cell, Nature Structural & Molecular BiologyPNAS等杂志上发表文章, 其中多篇论文被杂志封面所强调, 包括Science, Cell, JBC, Chemical Sciences等。目前担任Scientific Reports 等杂志的编委。




Current antimicrobial resistance crisis urgently requires a better understanding of drug resistance mechanisms and effectively targeted drug discovery. A wide range of mechanisms could mediate antibiotic resistance, which is currently one of the biggest threats to global health and food security. We have determined several structures of ribosome complexes that offers insight into action mechanism of antibiotic as well as rationalizes mutations resulting in resistance. In particular, the newly emerged ATP-binding cassette family proteins (ABC-F) can confer resistance across species to various antibiotic classes through unknown mechanisms.  Elucidating these mechanisms will enable us to rational design improved antimicrobial agents that overcome multidrug-resistant bacteria. On the other hand, antibiotics could help us trap ribosome in certain state so that the structure can be reconstructed and visualized. In this talk, I will be presenting our recent progress towards a better understanding of action mechanisms of antibiotic and drug resistance involving ribosome protection, protein translation and regulation.