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JUE Professional Development Seminar



Time: September 16, 9:00-11:30


Venue: South China Agricultural University


TopicIncreasing campus readiness


Sponsor:  Nils-Olov Fors, Project Leader and Educator

Jnkping University Enterprise, Jnkping University, Sweden

报告人:Nils-Olov Fors  项目专家






Successful internationalization involves the development of education that contributes to a productive academic environment and meets the needs of international and local students alike. A well-functioning institution with good campus readiness (the ability to attract and retain international students) is better able to provide quality education and to benefit from internationalization and the presence of international students.


This seminar is designed for faculty and staff who currently teach or are going to teach international students. Following a brief survey of current trends in international student mobility and transnational education, participants will discuss key principles and best practices of:


Language-conscious teaching and effective English-medium instruction

Curriculum and course design

Social and academic integration


The seminar includes a workshop in which participants analyze the campus readiness of their institution, identify areas of improvement, and develop strategies for increasing campus readiness.


The JUE Campus Readiness Project was launched by Jnkping University in 2018 to research and develop training and support for higher education institutions seeking to further internationalize their campuses and provide quality education and enhanced experiences for international students. The goal of the project is to contribute to a respectful and balanced exchange between higher education institutions in Sweden and Asia. Our teachers and researchers have unique international expertise and extensive experience of internationalization and international student education in Sweden and abroad.



Nils Olov (Olaf) Fors is a teacher, textbook writer, and teacher trainer. He has taught writing, linguistics, pedagogy, and EFL/ESL at the undergraduate and graduate levels for more than 15 years in the U.S., China, South Korea, and Sweden, and has worked with students and teachers from over 50 countries. Olaf has written and edited several EFL textbooks and textbook series, including the Revised Senior English for China textbook series published by the People’s Education Press. He is currently working as project leader and educator at Jnkping University.